It’s going to be a loud one

It was 2:55 p.m. PT when I heard Dodger Stadium awaken on Saturday afternoon. With a beautiful sun overhead and Dodgers players taking batting practice, some fans arrived early to make sure their presence was known. 


It wasn?t one of those roars that drew too much excitement. But given that it came more than two hours before the first pitch, it reminded me that Dodgers fans may be some of the loudest in Major League Baseball. 

When the roof is closed at Minute Maid Park, Astros fans can certainly create a buzz, but I can never forget how loud Dodger Stadium was on May 13, 2005. In the top of the eighth inning that night, Adam LaRoche hit a grand slam to give the Braves a lead. 

Less than 15 minutes later, in the bottom half of the eighth, Milton Bradley hit a go-ahead  grand slam that created a stir strong enough for me to believe that the press box was about to collapse.

This is not a knock against Mets fans, who certainly have shown that they can make Shea Stadium rock. But the acoustics created within Dodger Stadium give me the impression that 57,000 fans here sound a whole lot louder than 57,000 fans in Flushing, Queens. 

As Dodgers fans filed into the stadium, many of them were handed plastic noisemakers shaped as blue bats. Based on my past experiences here, I?d liken this to giving NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson or Tony Stewart two more cylinders in their cars. 

Oh well, Commissioner Bud Selig just dropped by the press box, the game is about to begin and this crowd is really starting to stir. Unless Greg Maddux gets battered early, this place will stay loud throughout the night and, who knows, a good many of them may also stay for all nine innings.   

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