Thoughts from two legendary broadcasters

Given the ridiculous number of games that he?s seen, it seemed logical to ask Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully if he?d ever been present to see a double play as wacky as the one that ruined the Dodgers in Game 1 on Wednesday.   

As it turns out, Scully knows it wasn?t the first one he?d seen in New York City. And if his 79-year-old memory serves him right, it wasn?t the first time he?s seen two Dodgers tagged out at the plate on the same play.  This much is known: Scully was at Yankee Stadium on Aug. 2, 1985, when both Bobby Meacham and Dale Berra were tagged out at the plate while attempting to score on a Rickey Henderson double. He was broadcasting that Friday night game for NBC.

When Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew were both tagged out at the plate while trying to score on a Russell Martin single on Wednesday afternoon, Scully remembers saying, ?I?ve seen this before and it involved the Yankees.? 


However, Scully had no immediate memories of Carlton Fisk being the White Sox catcher who tagged out both Meacham and Berra that night at Yankee Stadium 21 years ago. But while doing some research on Thursday, he uncovered that the White Sox starting second baseman that night was Bryan Little, the younger brother of current Dodgers manager Grady Little. 

As for the double play, Scully thinks he saw it happen at Ebbets Field and that it involved former Cubs first baseman Phil Cavarretta. Scully couldn?t remember the specifics, but he?s pretty sure during a rundown that Cavarretta came to the plate and ended up tagging out two Dodgers baserunners.

?Sometimes I think my memory is so good that I remember things that never happened,? said Scully, who has broadcast Dodgers games for 57 seasons.

One of Scully?s loyal listeners over the years has been renowned talk-show host Larry King, who has been a Dodgers fan for most of his life. The 73-year-old King was at Thursday night?s game to see his wife, Shawn, sing the national anthem. 

Along with being present to cheer the Dodgers on and hear his wife?s beautiful rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," King also had a chance to spend time with his old high school buddy Fred Wilpon, the Mets’ owner. The two were just a few years older than their fellow Lafayette High School alum, Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax. 

While King loves the Dodgers, he concedes that he?ll be rooting for Wilpon if the Mets were to win the National League Division Series.

?If the Dodgers can?t move on, I want the Mets to go all the way,? King said.

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